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Body types and weight loss

Body types and weight loss

It is a classification developed by the American scientist William Herbert Sheldon in the 1940s, who is a specialist in psychology

Where the human body is divided into 3 types, and thus we learn about each body and how to deal with it to lose weight, the appropriate system for it, and the appropriate sport:


long limbs and narrow thighs. High metabolism and difficult to gain weight

Small bone frame

Shoulders narrow and small

Flat chest

Lose fat fast

Rapid calorie burn

The ectomorphs are resistant to weight gain due to their rapid (calorie burning) metabolism


 High muscle mass facilitates easy weight loss Hit exercises are recommended for weight loss

Diet: reasonable protein and low carbohydrates, plus healthy fats



 It facilitates the storage of fat in the arms, abdomen and buttocks

The burning is weak

It has strong muscles in the lower body

Legs and cardio exercises are recommended

Low-carb diet


And if it is useful to know your body type, then the central thing between this and that and the basis of everything is a balanced diet, that is, that which is appropriate to the needs of the body.

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